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Mom invited 27 children to her daughter’s third birthday celebration, but none of them turned up.

As far as awful birthday parties go, this little girl’s one-person celebration hits the cake.

A saddened mother planned the perfect party for her daughter’s third birthday, replete with pizza and a “Frozen”-themed cake, but the other kids turned her down.

Breanna Strong, 27, shared a devastating video on TikTok, garnering 3 million views and hundreds of comments from sympathy and advice.

Strong remarked on the video that they invited 27 kids to Avery’s third birthday celebration. She didn’t see any of her pals.

In the video, Avery is seen eating a slice of pizza alone at a table while her mother throws away a box of pie.

Money and time squandered, the video’s description reads. It breaks the mother’s heart so much.

The room was decked up in birthday decorations from head to toe, and she had reserved seats at the tables for all 27 of the children who had been invited.

According to one comment mother Strong left below the video, there was a scheduled event on Facebook – but the seven families that RSVP’d “yes” the morning of abruptly reversed their replies, and others never turned up.

She is literally going to go home and cuddle her babies, reads another text on the video, which shows a distressed Strong.

Other commenters sought to soothe Strong by relating their own instances with birthday no-shows. Some parents suggested having family-only parties to guarantee that everyone comes, or simply celebrating alone with their children.

“This is a rule at my house,” one supportive user said. “We’re going if we’re invited!” We’ve been the only ones who have shown up. I’m really sorry this has happened.”

“This happened to me on my 16th birthday,” stated another. “I had never tried again until I was about 26 and it occurred again.” “Now that I’m 39, I usually pamper myself with a spa day.”

“We don’t do parties anymore,” commented one user. “Every penny we would have spent on it is going to what the birthday child wants.”

“This happened for my son’s 8th birthday, and I lied and told him it was my fault so he wouldn’t feel horrible,” commented another parent.

“I’m very sorry!!! She must have been devastated! ” another person added. “Let us know the next time, and we’ll be there for her!””

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“She got what she desired. Pizza, ice cream, and a jungle gym She didn’t know any other way to spend her time than having fun. “It really broke my heart,” Strong said in the comments.

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