Mom Is Confused Seeing Her Son Gardening For Her. But His Reply Is PRICELESS.

When you help someone, you help yourself, and when it comes to doing things for family members, even simple acts can go a long, long way.

Clint Edwards’ 11-year-old son is a slug of a boy. Lazy as they get. I could describe my OWN kids growing up in exactly the same way. Just no wanting to lift a finger to do anything for anybody. Lazy. Clint often posts about his children and they often get a high number of shares.

One day, Clint asked his 11-year-old son Tristan to help him with something. Tristan responded that he was busy. Tristan was ACTUALLY playing a mind-numbing video game on a laptop. He WAS NOT busy. So Clint demanded he come outside with him. There was a lot of young-boy grumbling, but Tristan walked outside with his dad.

Clint told Tristan to start shoveling a bunch of dirt into the garden area, and when his son asked him why they should dirty themselves up by shoveling dirt, Clint told him just why. It was because Tristan’s mom loved gardening, and it should be up to Clint and his son to help her with the dirt.

Clint pointed at the garden and said: “When you love someone, you serve them.” And he told Tristan that he wanted him to grow up to be the kind of person who serves his family and community.

The very next day, Clint’s wife, Mel, walked out into the yard and prepared to move some more dirt into her garden. But before she could start on it, Tristan was out there offering his help.

Mel was shocked… this was that lazy, slug-kid, ya know. So she had to ask him… why would you want to help me. Young Tristan’s response was a simple one: “Because I love you.”

And with that, he helped his mom with her garden. When she shared the story with Clint, well, that was one dad who could not have been any prouder. 

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