Mom is slammed for inviting daughter’s entire class to party EXCEPT student who bullied her

Bullying is commonly linked with youth, however it is a behavior that may be observed in people of all ages. Small children seldom get aggressive, but instead use unpleasant language or lie. It’s tough when parents don’t see that their children’s conduct is bullying, and if it isn’t addressed right once, it may escalate into a much greater problem. This woman appears to be adding to the situation by attempting to persuade her daughter’s classmate’s mother that her kid harassing her is not a reason to exclude her from the party to which everybody was invited. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

My (28 female) and husband (29 male) have a daughter Payton (7 female).

Payton goes to a small school with 20 kids in her grade. Her birthday party is next month and we sent out invitations to her friends at school. We invited the whole class except one student.

The student we did not invite has bullied Payton several times (we’ve had meetings with the school and parents). Obviously Payton doesn’t want this kid at her party.

The other girls mother called me to talk about it saying how now her daughter is crying. She was the only kid not invited and everyone at school is talking about the party. (Payton’s parties are known by her classmates to be very over the top). I explained her daughter isn’t nice to my daughter and that’s the reason she wasn’t invited (the mother knows this). The mother said I’m teaching my child to be a “bully” and use her wealth to make friends. I disagreed.

The mother then asked if she had her daughter apologize and write Payton a letter we could reconsider. I told her we would not and it has become a big deal every time I see the mom. Am I overreacting?

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