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Mom Leaves Two Little Daughters Alone At Motel To Go To Work — Their Dad Calls The Police.

Shaina Bell stated that her kids were “her universe,” and she could never contemplate causing them pain. When she went to work, she frequently left them alone.

The children’s father, on the other hand, believed otherwise and called the cops on her. They arrested her for endangering the life of her kids.

Bell worked at Little Caeser’s to help support her 3 kids. She’d committed her life to looking after children and couldn’t bear the thought of putting them in danger.

Her daughter expressed an interest in staying in the hotel room with her sister on February 11, 2021. She reasoned that her kids would be secure on their own when they grew older. She also assumed she wasn’t endangering them since her employment was at the end of the block.

She had no idea that the children’s dad would call the cops on her for abandoning them in the hotel room. She was taken aback when they arrived at her employment to arrest her.

When the cops informed her of the reason for her detention, she said that she always sent somebody to check on her kids whenever she left them alone.

They didn’t listen to her explanation and instead escorted her to the police station. They accused her with jeopardizing the lives of her kids.

Despite knowing who contacted the cops, Bell refused to fault anyone for the sad situation.

She was detained for the night as the police handed over her kids to their dad. When the cops arrived at her employment, she said it was humiliating.

It was difficult for Bell to process all that had occurred to her. She was devastated to learn that many felt she didn’t care about her kids. She stated children make her happy. They make her smile. They are her entire universe. She would never do anything to endanger her children. Her children mean the world to her.

Bell’s mom, Danielle Hosey, couldn’t bear the thought of her daughter suffering as a result of a little event, so she created a GoFundMe page. The primary goal of the fundraising was to help Bell purchase a home for herself.

The target of the campaign was $5,000, however donations much exceeded that amount. Because the news of Bell’s arrest quickly spread, many individuals sympathized with her because they knew she was not at blame.

Bell’s mother has raised more than $165,000 for her daughter and grandkids since the event began on February 14, 2021.

Bell was able to purchase a home with the assistance of countless individuals all across the world. Hosey updated the GoFundMe page with the following- She succeeded! She was able to purchase a home. They have not yet settled in, however the majority of the procedure has been completed.

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas donated $10,000 to the young mother, while NBA player JaVale McGee contributed $5,000. They were among the most generous supporters of Shaina Bell.

Meanwhile, Shaina’s case was being heard in court. Three months later, the court ruled in favor of the young mother, and she was declared not guilty.

The Judge in Shaina’s case, Jeffrey Adler, stated that he was “offended” when the matter was heard in court. He said that the police should not have detained her and that other severe criminals were allowed to roam.

The judge concluded that instead of the police, Children Services officers should have handled Bell’s situation. He was relieved, though, that the young mother had learnt her lesson.

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