Mom of 10-year-old who died in Texas school shooting attended his awards ceremony hours before he was killed

One of the casualties of yesterday’s horrible school shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, attended an awards ceremony for her small son only hours before he was slain.

The world is once again in shock following the tragedy, in which an 18-year-old shooter allegedly entered the premises of the Robb Elementary School and opened fire in various classes.

At the time of writing, 19 kids and one instructor have perished at the school. The gunman, recognized as Salvador Ramos, 18, of Uvalde, is assumed to have attacked alone.

Eva Mireles, a mom and wife who liked jogging and hiking, was among those killed in the incident. Lydia Martinez Delgado, her aunt, stated that she had worked for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District for 17 years.

Delgado said in a statement that she is upset that these shootings persist. These kids are really naive. Rifles should not be widely distributed. This is her hometown, a little town of less than 20,000 people. 

She never dreamed this would occur to loved ones. All they can do is pray for their country, state, schools, and, most importantly, all families.

Sadly, at least 19 kids were killed in the incident.  Xavier Lopez, 10, was among those killed. He was in fourth grade at the time.

According to Xavier’s cousin, the boy’s mom had attended an awards ceremony for her son just hours before he was killed. She had no clue that would be the final time she saw her child alive.

Amerie Maria Garza, a 10-year-old girl, was also recognized by her family as one of the kids slain at the school.

Angel Garza, her father, met with US Marshals on Tuesday night, and they notified him that his little girl was one of the victims.

“Thank you all for the prayers and support trying to find his kid,” Angel said in a statement 

“She’s been discovered. My little sweetheart is now flying high above with the angels. Please don’t take even a single second for granted. Hug your loved ones. Tell them how much you adore them. Amerie jo, I adore you. Keep an eye on your little brother for me.”

Ramos shot his grandmother before wrecking his car near Robb Elementary School. According to the most recent reports, she is still in serious condition, despite earlier claims that she had died.

School District Police Chief Pete Arrendondo stated, the suspect did crash near a ditch near the school. That’s where he left his truck, armed with what he assumed was a rifle, and tried to enter the school, where he was apprehended by police authorities.

Estrada went on to explain that the shooter was outfitted with body armor and a firearm. He made it inside multiple classrooms before being fatally shot by police.

President Joe Biden was among many who strongly condemned the massacre, delivering an emotional statement in which he advocated that the country take action to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future.

Joe Biden makes an address following the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school

"When are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? Where is our backbone? It is time to turn this pain into action" US President Joe Biden speaks from the White House following a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

President Biden stated, he hoped that as president, he wouldn’t have to go through this again.

He continued yet another slaughter. Texas, Uvalde A primary school. Beautiful, second, third, and fourth graders. As a country, they must ask when, in God’s name, they will stand up to the gun lobby. He is sick and weary of it; they need to take action.

Grandfather speaks to ABC News about the 18-year-old suspect in Robb Elementary School shooting

"I didn't know he had weapons… if I would have known, I would have reported him." Rolando Reyes spoke to ABC News’ Matt Gutman about his grandson, the 18-year-old suspect in the shooting at Robb Elementary School that killed 21 people.

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

This is an ongoing news story. Over the next few days, we will be constantly updating our information.

Our hearts go out to the victims of this tragic school tragedy. Rest in peace to all the angels who lost their lives.

Join us in giving love and prayers to those in need.

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