Mom-of-4 sleeps in car while caring for dying husband, has life turned around with gift of $10,000 and new car.

In times of need, sometimes one may wish for someone… anyone, to come and lend a helping hand. For a waitress in Las Vegas, she thought she was alone as she struggled to make ends meet, that is until a few kindhearted individuals decided to tip big, leaving her in tears.

Jessica Reboredo, a waitress at Chili’s Grill & Bar in Las Vegas, was struggling to care for her family after her husband, Robert, 24, was diagnosed with cancer, and had to stay at a hospital in Los Angeles. Despite the struggle, the mother of four kids continued to put on her friendly smile as she served customers at work.

Jessica’s second grade teacher and friend Kimberly contacted the surprise squad at Fox 5 and gave Jessica a surprise she would never forget. Members of the surprise squad showed up at the restaurant disguised as customers and left handsome tips like 300 dollars, 500 dollars, 1000 dollars and even 10,000 dollars and car. Sadly, Jessica lost Robert on Aug 08, 2016.

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