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Mom Of Dead Carjacker Says He’s ‘Not A Criminal’ Because Of Cop’s ‘Crash’

When Dion Taylor, 20, Taron Donta Kelly, 16, and a third unidentified suspect armed themselves and carjacked a pizza delivery worker in Baltimore, Maryland, they had no clue that one of them would be the last. The offenders were noticed by police after stealing the automobile, forcing the three to begin what would rapidly turn out to be a tragic pursuit.

When a person decides to escape a pursuing police, he or she accepts the physical and legal implications of resisting arrest. Sadly, these individuals do not consider the consequences of their acts, which may easily escalate to a disastrous end in the blink of an eye.

Within moments, the vehicle halted, and two of the suspects emerged and escaped on foot. Unfortunately, while escaping the police, Dion Taylor took an abrupt right onto Highgate Drive, forcing one of the cops to collide with him, killing him immediately.

Although Taylor and his companions were verified to have been armed during the carjacking before leading police on the eventually tragic chase, the deceased young man’s mother believes that her son did nothing unlawful and that the following officer’s sole action was the cause of his death.

Teisha Cook, Dion Taylor’s mother, told that despite carrying out an armed carjacking and fleeing police, her son “was not a criminal” since one of the officers “crashed into him,” apparently implying that her son’s death validates his prior actions and that the officers mowed him down deliberately.

Baltimore County Police Corporal Shawn Vinson, though, denied Cook’s contention that her son was unfairly murdered, noting that the officer involved in the tragic incident had no intention to smash Taylor’s vehicle. He acknowledged that an inquiry revealed that the officer in issue collided with the fleeing suspect by mistake as a result of Taylor’s actions.

Cook, however, maintains that her son was not guilty of any wrongdoing, as though he was deliberately mowed down by the pursuing police.

According to county police, all of the cops concerned followed protocol and are believed innocent of any misconduct. However, Cpl. Vinson underlined that they cannot share any further information at this time due to the ongoing investigation. The officer involved in the collision has been placed on administrative leave on a usual basis.

Although the third suspect is still at large, Taron Donta Kelly, 16, has been charged as an adult with armed robbery, armed carjacking, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a pistol, and minor possession of a handgun.

We can understand this mom’s anguish and outrage at her son’s death, irrespective of what he did or the lifestyle he led. Losing a kid is indescribably awful. Yet, this young guy is solely accountable for the choices that led to his tragic death, and no one else can be held accountable. Perhaps, this woman can find peace as a result of this awful set of events.

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