Mom Refuses To Cancel Family Christmas Hike For Son’s “Out Of Shape” Girlfriend.

The holiday season may be stressful. Working extra hours to purchase everyone gifts and dashing across town collecting them all takes a lot of energy. As a result, it’s critical to seize opportunities when you actually get the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones and create new memories together. Read the story to know what happened in this family during Christmas celebration and share your thoughts on this.

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Ever since I can remember, our family has always gone on a hike the morning of Christmas. We did it all through my childhood, my husband’s family did it, my friend’s families are similar, though for some it’s just a walk, or some go into the city and do an easy 5 or 10k run.

My son Porter has been dating Emily for the past 6 months. I’m happy she’s going to join us. They’re coming from the city about 3 hours away so they’ll be staying overnight. I’ve met Emily before and think she’s a great match for Porter. I know there’s all that hoopla about the MIL/DIL dynamic and I just have no time for any of that. If Porter likes her and she treats him with kindness, and he is the same, who am I to complain.

I skyped with them on Thanksgiving, just making plans for who’s bringing what for Christmas, gifts and such, and I mentioned that she should remember to bring her hiking boots but we’ll have plenty of yaktrax if the trails are icy. She was visibly confused and asked what for, so I explained. She got quiet and asked if she had to. I said no, of course she doesn’t have to, but we’ve always done this and I was surprised Porter didn’t mention it.

The next day, Porter called, and explained that Emily is not in great shape and would struggle with keeping up, even on one of the easier trails nearby. He said that maybe we can just do a nice short family walk in the neighborhood this year so she feels more welcome.

I said that maybe the two of them can hang back and enjoy a nice quiet morning before the festivities begin while the rest of us go for the hike. I remember being young with Porter’s father and how special those early Christmas mornings always were. Plus this will be her first time with the family and it’s going to be a LOT.

Porter got annoyed and said I’m not not hearing him. He said that he really thinks we need to cut the hike down or make different plans.

I told him in return that this is a family tradition that goes back for years, and changing it for one person isn’t fair to the rest of the family. We’re at a stalemate. I even said that if they hang back for the morning, I’d be happy to go on a nice walk with Emily and Porter later in the day during a quiet moment. He said I’m still not hearing him. Am I Wrong for not being willing to downgrade the hike to a little stroll around the neighborhood?

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