Mom Wasn’t Expecting To See Her Son In Tears When She Made A Surprise Visit At School.

Young Hunter was late to school one day after his mom’s car broke down. The 6-year-old had been late to school before but usually because of his mom’s health problems. And then that one day, he was late because his mom’s van broke down. Because of that, his life at school changed… drastically.

It was lunchtime when his mom, Nicole, made a surprise visit to him in school one day. She quickly noticed that he was eating all alone and all those kids who were once his friends… were sitting at other tables. Then his mom spotted a big cardboard sign in front of him. It simply had the letter “D” on it, as if it were a grade on him.

When she asked members of the administration about it, they told her they were doing it to teach Hunter a lesson because he had been late to school too many times. Nicole took a picture of it to prove that the school was using shaming tactics on her son. He was being shamed for something that wasn’t even his fault, and Nicole, as you can imagine, was not real happy about that. Her son was eating lunch all by himself, with tears streaming down his face. It was wrong on so many levels.

Nicole quickly posted the photo on Facebook, and it has been shared more than 75,000 times.

The school’s policies of student treatment have, understandably, come under great scrutiny. And while Nicole was fuming about it, residents of the community she lived in were banding together for the family. The community realized her car breaking down often was a big problem. So, together, they raised more than $1,300 to get Nicole a new van. The family was in shock, but extremely thankful, and the family quickly found out who had their backs. 

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