Mommy And Daddy Birds Chase Off Hungry Fox To Protect Their Little Babies

The fox probably does not have a whole lot to say after being embarrassingly chased and scared off by a bunch of angry cranes. Why were the cranes suddenly aggressive on what could have been their erstwhile hunter? The same reason any parent suddenly discovers their intestinal fortitude: the fox tried to go after their kids.

At first, the two cranes set up a wall of feathers between their young and the fox. And then, they went after him. While we’re sure the fox could have taken care of himself, he must have realized discretion is the better part of valor, and he really did not want to get messed up by some angry parents over what could otherwise have been an easy meal.

The whole episode was caught serendipitiously by a photographer, Mark Huges, while visiting Gloucestershire’s WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre. After seeing all this, I’m sure you will agree, that Mark must have felt that the whole trip was worth it.










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