Mother and 2 young daughters killed in car crash with deputy on Mother’s Day – rest in peace

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a premature death. And in one situation, a mother died along with her two adult children, leaving their family in a state of despair that no one should have to endure.

Three Colleton County ladies were killed in an automobile accident on Sunday night, according to reports. It was then found that the incident included a contact with a Charleston County officer.

Stephanie Dantzler, 53, and her daughters Shanice Dantzler-Williams, 28, and Miranda Dantzler-Williams, 22, were killed in the collision. The fact that the trio died on Mother’s Day adds to the tragedy of the situation.

Kristin Graziano, the Sheriff of Charleston County, published a statement on the event.

The message stated that their hearts are torn for the families of Stephanie, Shanice, and Miranda. A member of the executive staff, a chaplain, and he spoke with the family, and CCSO is still providing assistance. The community has suffered a devastating loss. They are dedicated to examining their response procedures to ensure that they are providing the best service possible to the public.

The accident occurred on Savannah Highway near New Road. When Charleston County Deputy Emily Pelletier was responding to a report in the vicinity, the accident occurred. When the crash happened, she was driving her patrol cruiser.

Deputy Pelletier had just minor injuries and was shortly discharged from the hospital. She is presently on administrative leave with pay as the Sheriff’s office investigates the situation. This type of inquiry is common in cases involving significant deputy-involved crashes.

Deputies Jonathon Rand and Joy DeSomber, who were in charge of traffic due to the prior crash, were also involved in another collision later that night.

DeSomber was shortly discharged from the hospital, while Rand was held in the hospital for longer to be treated for his wounds. Shanice Dantzler-Williams, the late YouTuber, posted frequently. Her fans and well-wishers are struggling to accept her death.

In life, we never know what will happen. Tragedies like these serve as a reminder of how brief life is and how unpredictable it can be.

Please pray for peace for the Dantzler-Williams family.

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