Mother And Her Daughter Battled Cancer Together.

9 stories of cancer victims who tried to stay positive.

1. Charlotte Jones, of Selkirkshire, Scotland, was only 28 when she learned she had breast cancer and she opted for a double mastectomy. But before doing so, she decided not to give in to self-pity and anger, and threw herself a Goodbye Boobs party, with bunting made from bras and pink balloons.

She also donated her long brown hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer. At around the same time, she learned her mother had ovarian cancer. Both stayed upbeat, and both have recovered well.

2. Solomon and Jennifer of Toronto loved each other so much. And they started planning for their August 22, 2015 wedding in mid-2014. Then, 26-year-old Solomon was hit with some very rough news… he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and had only months to live.

Devastated by the news, Sol and Jen moved up their wedding to April 11. It was a beautiful wedding and the couple was very happy. Four months later, Sol passed away in his sleep, and his funeral was held on August 22, the initial date they planned for their wedding.

But Jen wrote on Facebook: “His optimism and sense of humour kept both me, and those closest to us, at least moderately sane throughout all of this. For that, we’ll never be able to thank him enough.”

3. 42-year-old Jay Clarke was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, and he fought very hard to stay around for as long as he could for little Maxie and his partner Caroline. Maxie was their miracle baby, who was born only months earlier after the couple had long thought they could not produce babies.

Jay struggled for eight days until Caroline held Maxie up to him in bed so they could be cheek to cheek and share their love for each other one last time. Caroline then assured Jay that he would always be a part of Maxie’s life.

A few hours later, Jay could fight no more. The horrible cancer had run its course, and he was gone. But with his passing, Jay’s brave fight helped to raise awareness for the terrible cancer.

4. Do you have a dog? Do you talk to it? Does it understand you? Lily the dog got very sick, and her vet told the family that she had a large tumor on her spleen that could be cancerous. That would mean Lily only had a few months to live.

The vet removed the tumor, but it would have to be checked for cancer. Of course, this kept Lily’s owner, Dani, waiting on pins and needles. Finally, the call came. Then Dani approached Lilly and, like talking to any other member of her family said: “Lily, the doctor called… they sent your tests in and I need you to sit down for this.”

And she did, and she seemed to sense the importance of what Dani was about to tell her. Then Dani said “You don’t have cancer!! No you don’t… No, you’re not going anywhere today!!”

Well, Lilly was pretty doggone excited about that.

5. Conor and Andrea were told: “Forget about having children and pray to whatever God you have.” Pretty tough, negative words there. But doctors had diagnosed Andrea with an aggressive breast cancer and Conor was chronically ill, with cancer in both of his kidneys. And with Andrea undergoing extremely intensive chemotherapy, there was absolutely no hope of her conceiving.

So imagine their surprise, not to mention their doctors, when Andrea became pregnant. And shortly after giving birth, she was pregnant again. Just goes to show, you should never give up hope.

6. David West’s life savings was 250,000 British pounds, or more than 310,000 U.S. dollars. When British doctors told him he had liver cancer and had only weeks to live, that’s how much he spent to fly to America for a second opinion and treatment.

He also sold his Mercedes and a collection of motorbikes. But docs in the U.S. told the 70-year-old there was no liver cancer but there WAS a heart condition that they could deal with surgically. In other words, he wasn’t going to die. And the surgery was successful.

Unfortunate that he spent all that money for something that was not wrong with him.

7. 37-year-old Rowena Kincaid wanted to achieve her bucket list, and making it to the age of 40 was a big part of that. She felt she was living on borrowed time when doctors diagnosed her with cancer for a second time. And they did not think she would see 40.

But Rowena, a very upbeat, cheerful person, decided to put her time left to use by making two documentaries on her life with the disease. One was about raising awareness and the other was called “Before I Kick The Bucket.”

Says Rowena: “I know that everyone eventually dies, it’s just so hard to imagine the party continuing without me.”

Well, in 2015, Rowena did actually achieve the biggest item on her Bucket List. She made it to 40, and she celebrated it with a costume ball at a castle. Eight months later, however, she died.

8. Last July, Ana-Alecia Ayala’s doctors found a new cancer on her spleen, just after ridding the 32-year-old of a uterine tumor. But she took it all in stride and even came up with a positive dance in the hospital with a friend that went viral.

Posted by Ana-Alecia Ayala on Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Because of it, she got to meet the Backstreet Boys and last November, she was invited to share her story on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Sadly, she died on January 18th. But she inspired many others to not look at cancer as a death sentence, but a chance to be positive and make the most out of a bad situation.

9. By June of 2011, 44-year-old Emma Hannigan, of Dublin, Ireland, had been diagnosed with and treated for cancers eight different times. She had even had a total mastectomy and her overies removed earlier on. And the cancers kept coming back.

Within her was the deadly, cancer-carrying gene BrCa1, the cause for all the nightmares. In mid 2011, she was given a new treatment, but the cancers kept coming back. At least 10 times now she has dealt with a cancer. And at least 10 times she has fought it… and won.

Says Emma: “I am living proof that cancer doesn’t always win. It has invaded my body but I will never allow it to invade my mind. I don’t lie awake at night contemplating my death. Cancer doesn’t define me. It’s merely a part of my life, and I’ve no intention of going anywhere for quite some time.”

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