Mother Cuts off Boyfriend’s Genitalia After He Attempted to Sexually Assault Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

On Wednesday, a woman in India purportedly slashed off her boyfriend’s penis after he attempted to rape her 14-year-old daughter.

She has no remorse about what she did, the nameless 36-year-old mother expressed.

She was working on the farm at the time of the occurrence. Lucky, she got home just in time and caught him red-handed, she claimed, recounting the circumstances leading up to the incident.

He even assaulted the mom while she was attempting to defend her kid, so she pulled out a knife from the kitchen and hacked off his private parts to teach him a lesson.

The boyfriend, 32, was “booked” for rape but was in serious condition after his genitals were severed by his mother.

His precise accusations and present situation are unclear. It is unknown whether the mother will face any charges.

The event occurred in the Uttar Pradesh district of Mahewaganj, east of New Delhi and near to India’s border with Nepal.

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