Mother Didn’t Bothered To Inform Teen Son That She Is Pregnant And Engaged To Her New Boyfriend.

The bond of a mother daughter is always special. However at times the relationship does get a bit rough where things don’t get along well between the two. Here is a story with a similar case. Read the story and let us know whether the daughter was right?

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My mom (42) and I (22 M) used to be really close. Like she’s all I’ve ever had and she’s the one who taught me to be a strong as I am today and her becoming a cop inspired my whole life. I love her so much and I admire how strong she and I wish things were like how they were. Her uncle (my great uncle) managed to bring her to Canada from Kosovo in 1999 if that helps give you guys an idea of the kind of things that she’s been through.

When I went to university our relationship started changing: she disliked my gfs, my uni choice, wanted me to ferry home every weekend and then I got a co-op term at a prestigious company in Vancouver (don’t ask, I’m not giving it up) that she did not want me to work for cause she had a moral stance against it. I agree with her but it was a great opportunity. I’m going to grad at the end of the term and I’m set for a job with the VPD cause of it. But my mom cut me off cause of it and straight up told me not to come back so I had to move in with my great uncle and his son (my uncle).

We started messaging again half a year ago after she sent me a chain message on Whatsapp but we’ve been taking it slow. I follow my mom on IG but she rarely posts and when she does its anti-war stuff. But then she put up this post with a caption something like ‘so happy to have a real family again, can’t wait to go on my new journey’ and it showed her boyfriend and her with engagement rings and an ultrasound. Like I don’t know it just triggered something inside of me. Am I not her real family? Were we nothing? It just made me very angry like I’m going to have the sibling and stepfather I always wanted and she couldn’t even be bothered to tell me personally? Well I decided to wait and see how long it would take her to call me about the news and she just didn’t.

Reading break was two weeks ago and at the end of it my mom came to my great uncle’s house to pick something up. She saw me and tried acting like no time had passed and how excited she was for my graduation and this and that. She still didn’t acknowledge she’s getting married. I just told her not to care about my graduation and to go back to the family she replaced me with, left and stayed gone till she went home. My uncle told me that what I did made her cry and I was an jerk to her and my great uncle told me that I should have handled things with more tact. I feel bad about it cause she was reaching out to me and everything’s been frosty with my uncles since then.

What are your opinions? Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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