Mother Expresses Love For Her Baby That Will Bring You To Tears.

Story by Emma Heaphy


You are the reason I get up each morning. Even though my eye lids are as heavy as a five tonne truck. Even though all I want is a sleep in, a coffee and breakfast in bed. You are more important. You need me. For you, I would do anything.

You are the reason I am finally comfortable in my own skin. Even though I am a size bigger than I used to be. Even though my boobs cannot be described as “perky”. You relied on my body. You gave it purpose. For you, I will always love it.

You are the reason I am no longer selfish. Even though I sometimes complain that I don’t buy anything for myself anymore. Even though I get annoyed when I don’t get enough alone time. You have taught me that there is more to life than just me. Your needs come first right now. For you, I happily come second.

You are the reason I now know the importance of patience. Even though I sometimes miss the fast paced life. Even though I still get frustrated when I feel inefficient. You need me to go at your pace. You are the priority right now. For you, I slow down.

You are the reason that I now have perspective. Even though I don’t make the money that I used to. Even though I don’t have the level of mental stimulation I once had. You are more important. You need me. For you, my career can wait.

You are the reason I worry more than ever. Even though I know it won’t change anything. Even though it’s not your fault. You are precious. You are vulnerable. For you, I will worry forever. ⠀ You are the reason I am now filled with gratitude. Even though I get sad when things do not go my way. Even though I sometimes lose sight of what I have. You are my constant reminder that I am blessed. You are the light at the end of every tunnel. For you, everything is worth it.

You are the reason that my heart is full. Even though I love your dad more than you can ever imagine. Even though I am grateful for our life before you. You have shown me a love like no other. You are remarkable. For you, my heart explodes.

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