Mother Faces Judgment After Revealing Grandma Steps In To Help Breastfeed Baby

A young mother has confessed that she and her mom both nurse her kid and they won’t quit even though outsiders think it’s unusual.

Julia Cannons, 21, of St. Louis, Missouri, explained how she and her mother, Angela Owens, 47, will alternate nursing Naomi, her 10-month-old daughter.

Granny and daughter have formed a “great relationship,” according to Julia.

Angela began feeding Naomi when she was about four months old, when she realized she was still breastfeeding after the birth of her youngest kid.

Julia stated she enjoys nursing. Her daughter is 10 months old, and she has been nursing since the beginning.

She wanted to be on the boob all the time. It was almost like a comfort thing. 

One day, Julia really needed to take a shower and get out of the house, so she went to her mother’s. Julia stated that her daughter began “squalling” while in the shower.

Her mom had previously asked her how she would feel about her mom nursing Naomi. She still produces milk, and they knew she did. It was OK with Julia.

She’s an over-producer.  She’s been evaluated for abnormalities and underwent cat scans, but she has no health issues.

Angels and Nan haven’t ceased joint feeding since, although they’ve been chastised by outsiders. Julia explained, individuals think it’s strange, odd, and unpleasant. 

However, what could be more natural than feeding a baby? That’s how they all started. Wet-nursing has been practiced since the dawn of time.

Angela will now feed her “a few times a month.

Julia explained that she enjoys it. She’s done that for approximately six months. She described her mother having five children. She stated that she never quit breastfeeding.

They weren’t sure Naomi would latch on, but she did right away. It was incredible. It is a tremendous assistance to her.

Julia can sleep and eat at the same time.

A genuine bond has formed between the two of them. Her mother said that she was pleased to assist her daughter.

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