Mother Feels Something Between Her Legs While Driving, Stunned By What ‘Slid Out’

An expectant lady from Pennsylvania was driving with her boyfriend when she began to experience pain. What followed astounded the parents. The incident’s photos are going viral. (Caution: The images below are graphic.)

Raelin, a mother, was 29 weeks pregnant with her second child when she began to feel pain. She believed the pain was caused by Braxton Hicks contractions, sometimes known as “practice contractions.”

Braxton Hicks commonly occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy. They are painless and happen when the uterus gets ready for childbirth. Braxton Hicks contractions can be uncomfortable for some women.

Raelin knew the pain was not caused by Braxton Hicks contractions soon after it began. Her contractions “began to become closer together and more severe,” so she had her boyfriend, Ean, drive her to the hospital.

So she went in, Raelin explained. She lives around 15 minutes from the hospital, but  had to drop off her kid at her godmother’s house, which took about five minutes.

The mother attempted to phone 911 while Raelin and Ean were on their way to the hospital because the agony was terrible. Because the dispatcher couldn’t comprehend what she was saying, she had to give the phone to her boyfriend. Similarly, Ean was working hard to get to the hospital as fast and safely as possible.

Since there was traffic, she recounted, he drove the wrong way in the bus lane. There were no buses approaching, so he entered the bus lane to get to the hospital faster.

However, even before the pair arrived to the hospital, Raelin realized she was running out of time. She knew it was time when she felt the baby in the delivery canal, she explained. So she took her trousers down and reached down to touch his head. He slid out after she pushed him once. That’s when she discovered he wasn’t out of the sac.

The couple departed at 11:14 a.m., dropped their daughter off at her godmother’s house at 11:22, and Raelin gave birth to their son, Ean Jr., or EJ, at 11:28.

She understood he wouldn’t be able to breathe on his own since he was so little, and she understood he was secure in there so she didn’t disrupt anything, Raelin explains. At first, the baby didn’t move; then, as she caressed his face with her finger, he moved his hands and feet to conceal his face, and she realized he was alright.

Seven minutes later, the couple and their newborn arrived at the hospital.

She waited in the car while her Ean went in for assistance, she explained. No one was coming until the security guy went by and spotted her with the infant, at which point he called a code. That’s when Ean took this incredible photograph.

She went on, when she glanced up, the automobile was surrounded by physicians. The first person she saw was a doctor she worked with, who took the baby and broke his sac just outside the hospital. He quickly burst into tears. Then he was taken to the NICU.

When the physicians pulled him away from her, she jumped out of the car and attempted to follow them, but one of the doctors shoved her back into the car and obliged her to wait for a stretcher.

The medical team was astounded at what had occurred and astounded to discover EJ still within the sac.

When the shock wore off, the mother comprehended what had occurred and couldn’t imagine it.

It took almost two hours for her to grasp what had occurred and what was going on, she added. then sobbed for a while. She was heartbroken at first when she realized she was leaving without her kid, but it gets better. However she was also glad because she knew he wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t been born in the sac.

EJ is in good health and growing faster than doctors predicted. Doctors said he’ll be kept in the hospital until his due date in mid-October.

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