Mother goes on trial for killing teen who allegedly molested her six-year-old daughter.

A Florida mother is on trial for the killing of an 18-year-old guy who purportedly abused her daughter when she was six.

Connie Serbu, 43, of Naples, appeared in Collier County Court on Thursday to face one count of second-degree murder in the death of Xavier Sierra on July 7.

According to court papers, Serbu allegedly shot Sierra to revenge her daughter.

The entire murder plan began on May 30, when Serbu’s daughter confessed that Sierra, a family acquaintance, had abused her five years before.

Serbu was purportedly infuriated by her daughter’s charges, prompting her to plot Sierra’s murder.

Serbu reportedly started planning her retribution against Sierra over the next month and put it into action on June 1.

Serbu approached Sierra and offered the recent high school graduate to assist her in putting up a bunk bed for ‘easy money.’

Serbu’s developmentally impaired brother, John Vargas, arrived in Naples seven days later to pay a visit to his sister in New York.

According to court documents, Vargas is “easily influenced.”

The two brothers proceeded to a nearby Family Dollar store and bought a flip phone and a Verizon rechargeable card for the phone in separate cash transactions.

The flip-phone was purportedly used primarily to interact with Sierra via text and Facebook messaging.

Serbu validated Sierra’s ability to assist in creating the bunk bed on July 7 through these technological interactions.

Sierra had a job interview at a spray-and-neuter clinic that day and was apparently waiting for Serbu to pick him up at a neighboring Winn-Dixie.

Serbu and Vargas left their house wearing dark, tight garments, head coverings, and shoes with duct tape soles.

They also had two pistols, two shock guns, an ice pick, and a potato to quiet one of the firearms.

Serbu supposedly informed her husband that she was going to do something and that he needed to prepare to care for their 2 kids alone.

They picked Sierra up at 3 p.m., and Serbu confronted him about the molestation allegations during the vehicle journey.

Sierra was driven to a secluded, uninhabited spot near the 700 block of Goodlette Road North by the siblings.

Sierra was able to escape the van and began fleeing towards the neighboring woods, with Serbu and Vargas after him.

Sierra proceeded to grapple with Vargas and wrestle him for one of the firearms at one point during the altercation.

Sierra was hit by bullets from both pistols, while Vargas was fatally wounded in the belly.

Officers went later that day to a report of gunshots fired towards the undeveloped area where Serbu assaulted Sierra.

They discovered Serbu inside a blue, four-door Hyundai parked near the site.

After investigating the region, they discovered Sierra and Vargas’ remains along the Gordon River.

Serbu admitted her role, stating, it’s all her fault. She  does not care since he raped her daughter. Her daughter told her everything.

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