Mother Goes To Class With ‘Misbehaved’ Daughter, Comes Away With Long List Of Grievances.

The instructor emailed Kristina Brandy that her kid was misbehaving in class. Brandy responded by visiting her daughter’s eighth-grade class.

She was shocked as she walked from class to class with her child wearing a “I’m Here Cause My Child Won’t Behave” shirt.

She uploaded a selfie with her kid on Facebook earlier that day. The message stated, “She is pissed. I think she forgot who her mother is… She gone learn today.”

When you receive an email from your child's teacher saying that she is not behaving at school… I get to spend the day…

Posted by Kris Dianne on Friday, 18 January 2019

Later that day, she posted about her educational experience on Facebook.

She explained that as an 8th grade student, she noticed a few things. Bad kids. Discourteous youngsters. More parents should spend a day at school to observe their children.

Teachers are angels, she wrote. She wanted to choke six kids. These tiny girls are extra-grown.

“If your middle school child has a sew-in and fake nails… YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM,” she said.

She wrote that the school lunch is dreadful. Lunchtime was hectic and handled like jail meal time, she said.

The dismissal procedure was “turbulent,” she stated.

She went on to say that teachers spend more time monitoring students’ mobile phones. Parents, schoolchildren don’t need phones. They’ll be OK. It is simply a distraction for them.

During my day as an 8th grader I took note of a few things: 1. These kids are bad as hell. 2. These kids are…

Posted by Kris Dianne on Friday, 18 January 2019

It’s okay to tell your kids that they are youngsters and should be courteous to adults, she told the parents. These youngsters have little regard for authority. Participate in your child’s school activities; the teachers will appreciate it, and your child will thank you later in life.

Her daughter is irritated with her for coming there, yet she understands that her mom love her and only desire the best for her, she continued.

Brandy’s article went instantly viral, with parents praising her truthfulness and dedication. Some parents have even chosen to follow suit.

In another post, Brandy shared a photo of another mom who had opted to do the same, complete with a shirt.

“There’s a Movement, Baby!” When you motivate another parent to come out and play! She emailed me a picture. Congratulations, Patty Perez! “#SupportOurSchools,” Brandy said in the caption.

It's a Movement Baby!!! When you inspire another parent to show up and show out!! She sent me a photo. Way to go Patty Perez!!! #SupportOurschools

Posted by Kris Dianne on Thursday, 31 January 2019

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