Mother Got A Call From Her Upset Daughter But She Handled It Brilliantly.

Story by Esther Goetz

Smack dab in the middle of the mayhem of the news yesterday, I received a text from my daughter about her car not starting. She was very upset because just earlier this week, she had found her car’s window smashed, and had just had it fixed.

The better part of the next hour was spent texting back and forth, helping her figure out next steps, while watching the news unfold on my laptop.

In the end, the problem was solved and she texted me these words: “Thanks for listening through the craziness.”

What struck me was this: even with all the horrible that was playing out on my computer screen, I was still able to LOVE. And guess what, that was happening all over the country.

Dads were tucking their toddlers into bed with a night-time story. Neighbors were bringing meals to friends recovering from COVID. Friends were wishing their besties “happy birthday” on Facebook. Nurses were caring for people’s loved ones in hospitals. Churches were gathering their people to pray. And moms were texting their daughters through the latest car crisis.

My beautiful friends, nothing can stop us from LOVING each other. NO ONE. NO MEDIA SOURCE. NO POLITICAL PARTY. NO NEWS STORY. NO THING.

So find someone to love just a little harder today. You won’t have to look far. I can promise you that. 

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