Mother-In-Law Throws Away Meals Her Granddaughter Brings That Her Dad Made Using Her Late Mom’s Recipes, Family Feud Ensues.

The loss of a wife is unimaginable and painful. Since emotionally, physically and mentally she is a support system to the husband and their children. It’s not easy to move on yet as a responsible adult you presumably know how to do it. But for a child to deal with a parents death is tough. In this story the father took it to a higher level, and all was great and dandy until the parents in law reached out and began deconstructing the healing process. Read the story and let us know your opinion.

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I’m a widower and have a 6 year old daughter who’s a very picky eater and got worse after her mother’s passing. She loved her mother’s cooking and refused to eat anything that isn’t made by her mother. I decided to learn to cook her favorite meals that my wife used to cook and my daughter has been loving “my version” of her mother’s cooking.

I recently started working a new job and my MIL started watching my daughter 3 days a week. I have my sister helping so I’m doing good. I prepare meals for my daughter to take with to her grandparents house so my MIL won’t have to worry about what my daughter can and can not eat.

My MIL complained about the meals I send and said I needed to encourage my daughter to eat from a variety of dishes. I already explained how my daughter is when it comes to food and that I’m already learning new dishes every week so it’s not repetitive.

So last week I discovered that my daughter has been eating only snacks for days at her grandparents house. She told me this and I was confused. I asked about the meals I send with her and she said her grandma would take them from her hand once I leave, throw them in the trashcan then tell her to eat dishes she makes. My daughter refused and has been only eating snacks at that house.

I was enraged. I confronted my MIL and she said that she didn’t find that me sending meals with my daughter was the right thing to do and wanted her granddaughter to eat her cooking and was upset that she refused. She said it’s my fault her granddaughter doesn’t want to eat certain foods and that I was spoiling her mind with this behavior.

I mentioned to her that the meals she threw away were my wife’s recipes and that I struggled so hard to provide those meals. As well as taking time to learn to cook them. She stated I wasn’t doing a good job parenting and needed to get a grip because she’s feeling concerned about how spoiled my daughter is being because of me. I eventually told her I won’t let her watch my daughter from now on and decided to ask my sister for help.

FIL & SIL kept calling me cruel for not letting them see their granddaughter and FIL said that I overreacted and promised to convince his wife to let my daughter eat what she wants as long as she visits but I refused to discuss it because right now I really don’t take what they say face value.

What advice would you give him?

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