Mother Is Handed A Dustpan And A Brush To Clean Up After Her Baby, Wonders If That’s Unreasonable.

It’s no secret that babies are infamous for making a slew of food messes. Particularly when stressed-out parents are attempting to feed their children in a highchair in public, whether in a beautiful restaurant or a child-friendly facility. While all messes can be cleaned, the argument over who is responsible for cleaning up the bites the child leaves on the floor is never-ending. A similar case took place in this story below. Scroll down to read the whole story to know what occurred and share your views on this.

Source: Mumsnet

I go with a group of friends and our babies to a cafe each week. Apparently the week before last the cafe manager had a go at one of the mums because she said that her baby made a mess under his high chair and she didn’t clean it up before she left.

This week, as I was packing up to leave (with a screaming overtired baby who is refusing to nap because of teething!), she gave me a dustpan and brush and pointed at the few bits of food under her high chair and asked me to clean up after myself.

It’s advertised as a very family friendly cafe.

To make it clear, if she had made an unreasonable mess I would of course have cleaned it up (or tried, it’s a bit difficult when you don’t have any cleaning materials). But there were a few bits on the floor. I’ve offered to clean up in other cafes and they’ve said “don’t be silly, we’ll do it!”.

I guess I’m going to be way more conscious about allowing my baby to make a mess in the future (good luck!). But after I told my mum, she said I should leave a negative review about it on their cafe page and seemed to think it was unreasonable.

Is it unreasonable to ask a parent to clean the floor after their baby? I’m torn because on the one side, I can see how it would be annoying for the staff. On the other hand, I don’t bring cleaning materials with me and it’s advertised as family friendly… which I would think would mean they’re aware that babies make mess!

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