Mother is slammed for putting fake tattoos all over one-year-old baby

A tattoo adoring mom is being chastised online for tattooing fake ink patterns all over her one-year-old child, with critics accusing her of rearing him to be a “gangster” and a “thug.”

Shamekia Morris, a West Palm Beach, Florida-based fashion designer, began applying temporary tattoos to her son Treylin when he was just six months old. She frequently tattoos the tot, who is known on social media as nuggetworld561, from head to toe, adding complex body art on his tummy, arms, back, and legs.

Although the tattoos aren’t genuine, many individuals online have chastised the mom-of-one for covering her child in them, with others labeling her a ‘bad mum.’

She recently expressed that she received a lot of reaction, individuals claim she is raising her son as a “gangster,” a “thug,” they’re not accustomed to seeing a newborn with tattoos.

She recounted the reaction that began before Treylin was even born, when she staged a pregnancy pictorial in a tattoo parlor, displaying her own ink designs.

On social media, she was bullied. All of the comments were harsh; many said her baby would be born with a slew of tattoos. He’ll have skin poisoning. It was insane. And as she began to apply the phony tats, on little Trey, her adherents were not entertained.

People have informed her that Treylin would be “shot down in the streets” or that she is “raising him for jail.”

She continued that the blowback has been terrible. It hurts her sentiments since she knows she is not a horrible mother yet she gets called a variety of derogatory terms. It’s insane.

But she is not going to be deterred by her internet detractors. She stated that she doesn’t care about the individuals who criticise her since this is a lifestyle that they like.

If you’re condemning someone based on a 30-second video on social media, that’s your choice, however what one says or thinks about someone won’t decide what they’ll be in the future.

Many of Treylin’s family members were opposed to Shamekia’s use of temporary tattoos on her. But now that they’ve seen her increase her social media following – she has over 300,000 TikTok followers – they’re nothing but supportive.

She explained that when she initially began tattooing Treylin, her family despised it because they dislike the fact that she has tattoos. Her family was devastated. But now that they know it can be used for good, they adore it. Because he attracts a lot of attention when they’re out, and youngsters adore his tattoos.

Her sister Dinera added that when Shamekia came up with the concept, she wasn’t down with it, she was utterly against it. She didn’t want her doing it to him. But, after seeing where it may lead her and Treylin, she didn’t mind because it turned out to be a good thing.

Treylin’s aunt Ilisha added that the very first time Shamekia informed her about the tattoos, her initial response was – they’re going to call DCF on the mom. However, she is proud of Shamekia and the life she is creating for Treylin.

Treylin ‘loves’ the temporary ink designs, according to Shamekia. She also stated that the one-year-old adores dressing up in fancy attire. He has his own walk-in closet, which is overflowing with toddler clothing and over 150 pairs of footwear. She frequently accessories Treylin’s outfits with costly jewelry, such as gold chains and glittering necklaces.

The mom said that she believes Treylin enjoys dressing up. When he looks at himself in the mirror, he is experiencing himself, bopping and dancing. She believes he loves it. Despite the bad feedback, Shamekia is confident in her ability to be a good mother to Treylin, and she has no intentions to discontinue the temporary tattoos anytime soon.

She expressed that her perspective of being a wonderful parent is being their cheerleader, their go-to person, and their greatest friend.

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