Mother Kills Her Son, Calls 911 Saying She Believed Devil Was Trying To Attack Her.

Tasha Haefs, a 35 year old mother from Missouri has been accused with beheading her 6 year old son and her dog and was allegedly heard singing noisily when police reached.  

Police were send off on Tuesday night to Tasha’s Kansas City home after she dialled 911 and said that she thought the evil spirit was trying to attack her. It is reported that Tasha negated having a mental disorder before hanging up the phone. 

The 6 year-old was recognised as Karvel Stevens and no reason has been given for the terrible slaughter. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said that Tasha told investigators the boy was her biological son and confessed to murder him.

Prosecuting attorney said that when officers reached, they could hear a lady singing and found blood on the facade of the home. Tasha declined to open the gate and cops said the louder they knocked, the louder she sang. 

A police officer noticed through an opening and saw what seemed to be a beheaded head inside the house and cops forced their way in.  After getting in, cops found Tasha with blood on her feet.

The criminal grievance said that the suspicious lady had apparent blood on her and two knives with blood on them were detected in simple sight all over the house.

Police officers dogged Tasha had numerous cuts and abrasions on both of her hands, as well as a scratch and a rupture wound to her right thigh. Officers also discovered the body of the beheaded six-year-old in the pantry and a beheaded dog in the underground room and two knives. 

Tasha admitted while speaking to cops killing the victim in the bathtub and beheading the victim. She was accused with the first-degree murder of her son and armed criminal act on Wednesday.

A statement is released by Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker after filing charges in the horrible event.

The statement said that the public now knows some of the dreadful facts of the death of 6-year-old child. Jean said that her office pledges to do the whole thing in its control to bring justice in this young boy’s killing and added that they will not shrink from their duty.

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