Mother Noticed How Her Son Has Changed After Seeing His Newborn Brother.

Story by Katelyn Brown

When I left home you were my baby. My little shadow. My whole world.

You still fit into the crook of my arm and sat comfortably on my hip.

You pulled at my waistband when you wanted up and tried to stand mighty tall on your tippy-toes.

Your pint-sized clothes felt impossible to fold and your miniature socks were always trailing off.

Yes, you were my sweet little baby.

But when I came home from the hospital with your little brother, you didn’t seem like my baby anymore.

You looked so big and sturdy. You acted so tough and brave. You moved so fast and sure.

I stared in awe of you, wondering where my fragile little one had gone.

But today you reminded me of something.

You crawled into my lap so I could rock you to sleep and I instantly remembered that you are still my baby too.

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