Mother Of 2 Was Moved To Tears When Stranger Paid For $200 Worth Groceries.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Danielle Vinson was at the grocery store checkout with her 9-month-old baby… her cart FILLED with food for her family’s Thanksgiving feast. It came to nearly $200. But when she went to reach for her wallet, she suddenly realized there was going to be a problem.

She forgot her wallet. So she said she had to call her husband to bring it to her. But at that moment, the woman standing behind her overheard her tell the cashier her problem. And she insisted on paying for the $180 in groceries herself.

Well, Danielle was quite moved by the offer of such a kind gesture. So she asked the woman for her name and address so she could get the money back to her as soon as possible. The unidentified woman told her that would not be necessary; that this was her Christmas gift to Danielle and her family. With that, the young mother started crying.

Says Danielle: “I was so affected by her gesture and every Thanksgiving is going to be so special because I will remember how she was so generous and kind.”

Danielle shared her story on social media, and it has received more than 34,000 shares.

Says the young mother: “Everything’s just so crazy and grim, it’s important to just go into your community and spread kindness… One small little gesture can move mountains in someone’s life.”

And, indeed, it can. 

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