Mother Of 3 Explains Perfectly About The Struggles Of Motherhood.

Story by Suka Nasrallah

Motherhood is the utter inconvenience of being the world in itself for everyone around you.. everyone except yourself.

Motherhood is being there day in and day out, even though you’re struggling, hurting.

Motherhood is putting a smile on, when all you want to do is curl up in a ball on the floor and cry.

Motherhood is wiping away the tears of your children when you desperately need someone to wipe away yours.

Motherhood is putting yourself last.

Every. Single. Time.

Motherhood is sacrifice, a whole lot of it.

Motherhood is enduring— it’s permanent.

Motherhood is carrying the whole load even though it’s weighing you down so heavily.

Motherhood is all of this and much, much more, but motherhood is not a burden unless you allow it to be.

Motherhood IS a struggle, but not one you should face alone.

Motherhood is hard enough in itself, don’t make it harder on yourself.

Motherhood is isolating, but let’s break that.

Motherhood is taking your medication if needed.

Motherhood is taking your breather.

Motherhood is talking to someone; making people understand.

Motherhood is speaking your truth.

Motherhood is pressure.

So much pressure.

Pressure to keep up with the social norms.

Pressure to eat organic.

Pressure to potty train before the age of 2.

Pressure to strictly breastfeed.

Pressure to play with your kids enough while maintaining a clean household with empty laundry baskets and organized drawers, all the while looking fabulous and unbothered.

Pressure to have a career and goals and a future for yourself— all while being the exceptional, incomparable mother.

So. Much. Pressure.

And for what—for who?

For social structure?

For social acceptance?

Motherhood is exhausting, but motherhood should not be limited to that.

Motherhood should be happiness and smiles and giggles and bed-time stories and long nature walks—that’s what they will tell you.

They will tell you all this while making you feel inadequate if you don’t check everything off this list.

They will make you feel unworthy if you’re not smiling with glee and enjoying every single minute of every single day; the good and the bad.

They will label you incompetent if you suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety— because you should be happy, you’ve been given this precious, irreplaceable, priceless gift.

But that’s not what motherhood is.

Motherhood is you being you, the best possible version of YOU, for the children you’ve been given.

Motherhood is a unique experience for everyone.

If that means taking your medication, seeing your therapist, skipping bed-time stories, buying “regular” food, so be it.

Motherhood is what makes you happy and healthy and present for your children.

Motherhood is your journey, live it out the way you see fit.

Motherhood is the epitome of bittersweet love.

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