Mother Of 4 Daughters Gets A Reality Check When Asked This Online.

The importance of a home in human life cannot be overstated. Home is where we maintain our family, where we feel protected, and where we have total freedom. Everyone desires to have the basic facilities in each one’s home. However in this story, an argument took place when the family decided to renovate their house. Read the story and do you think the parents’ decision was right?

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My husband, our daughters (18, 16, 16, 12), and I live in a 4 bed 2 bath house. 

All of the girls share a bathroom and they’ve been complaining about it for a while. We’ve been saying we’ll convert the laundry room into a bathroom for the twins for a while. It’s an expensive project so we’ve never gotten to it.

My husband and I started working on our garage recently and turned it into a gym for him, a new laundry room, and an office for me. Then we came into some money and decided to renovate both bathrooms, remodel the kitchen, and do work on the backyard.

The girls were pissed when we told them about the work we were doing on the house. They were saying it’s not fair that my husband gets a gym when the twins share a room and that we chose to work on the backyard instead of adding the third bathroom.

They’ve been calling us selfish and even got our parents and siblings to give us a hard time for not giving the girls another bathroom or giving the twins their own rooms. They don’t understand that now that the laundry room is done we have the space for the bathroom. The bathroom is next on our list.

I wanted to get some outside opinions on this since our kids and our families have been giving us a hard time. 

Do you think the post author did the right thing? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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