Mother Praises How This Flight Attendant Handled Her Autistic Child.

Sonja Redding was flying from Washington, D.C., to Atlanta with her two young children, and she was trying hard to keep them happy so they wouldn’t disturb the other passengers. But her youngest, Xayvior, who has autism, was gonna have none of that… he wanted to play his part as a kid to the hilt. He started screaming and hitting his mom.

Sonja was worried… and frustrated. That’s when flight attendant Amanda Amburgy stepped in. She approached Sonja and asked if she could hold Xayvior and give him a tour of the plane. Sonja agreed, and Amanda walked off with the young boy.

A short time later, she returned, and Xayvior had calmed down tremendously. Sonja was so thankful for Amanda showing such compassion, and she posted about it on Facebook.

She wrote: “Amanda just showed love and empathy without hesitation, and swooped him up, taking him on a tour of the plane. We need more people like this in the world.”

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