Mother Receives A Text Asking Whether Her Son Has Interest In Joining The Marines.

Source: Facebook

On Monday I received a text from the United States Marines asking me if Peyton had interest in joining the Marines after high school next year.

I had a little laugh, a moment of sad, and then responded back and thanked him for reaching out. I thanked him for his service and explained that Peyton was a special needs child and would not qualify.

He responded back and said no problem Ma’am, would Peyton like any stickers or a t-shirt from the Marines? I told him Peyton would be honored to wear a USMC t-shirt. He said he would make sure he got one.

I assumed he meant he would drop it in the mail. He did not, he hand delivered Peyton’s t-shirt to him today! Meet Staff Sergeant Anthony Sandoval United States Marine! Thank you Sgt. Sandoval, you are a true Marine and we are grateful to have met you today!

PS: I forgot to mention that SS Sandoval is from Norwalk! Where I and many of my FB friends grew up! Another reason he is so awesome 🥰

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