Mother Refuses To Pay For Son’s Tuition As She Wants To Get Her Kitchen Fixed.

One must respect a person regardless of the colour, age or even the gender-male, female, gay, lesbian. Here in this story a boy told the truth to his family about him being gay. Read the story to know what happened in this family and how you would deal with such a situation.

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My(40F) son(19M) came out to my husband(40M) and I when he was 14 years old. My husband and I are both atheists and support the LGBTQ+ community and were both proud of our son for coming out. However, my husband’s mother is a devout catholic and is extremely intolerant of gay people.

She is wealthy and my children were told from a young age their college would be paid for as long as they attended a private Christian or Catholic school. She believes this will keep them from partying, having premarital sex, etc. I don’t agree with this and have argued my children getting the best education possible regardless of the school’s religious affiliation should be her top priority, but she refuses to change her mind.

My son chose a Christian college one state over to attend. He graduated with a lot of college credit from taking many AP classes in high school and will be done in three years opposed to four. He’s currently just began year two which has been already paid for.

During Labor Day weekend, he came home to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. He told one of his cousins that he was talking to a boy at his college, and thought he could trust him. He seemed supportive according to my son, but he told his mom and dad and my husband’s sister and her husband are just as religious as my mother in law and outted my son to her.

She is livid and called me and informed me she will not be making any future payments toward his tuition and told me to relay the message to him as she will no longer be speaking to him. I have told him many times not to come out to his grandma, cousins, aunt or uncle until he was through with college. I hate that he can’t be himself, but my husband and I cannot afford his college. I don’t like my mother in law and will be going no contact once my other two children(15f and 13m) get their chance to have their tuition paid for as well. My son is okay with me waiting to do so for the sake of his siblings. He will unfortunately have to take out student loans and eat the cost of his final year.

My son is obviously devastated he both will not have his final year of college paid for next year and that his cousin is not someone he can trust. He now wants me and my husband to foot the bill next year. We have $25k saved up currently that we plan on using for much needed kitchen renovations. Our oven barely works, our dishwasher doesn’t work at all, and the kitchen itself is worn down and outdated.

My son is calling me an a**hole for prioritizing a “remodel” over his education. We’ve explained to him our kitchen is falling apart and it’s much needed and is nowhere near the cost of his tuition, so even if we postponed it, we would still be short as his private school is VERY expensive. I feel like he is an adult and he needs to be the one to deal with the consequences, not us. Am I Wrong for not using our family’s savings to cover his remaining tuition?

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