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Mother shatters her back while catching 11-yr-old stepdaughter who jumped off roof to escape house fire.

The Dawson family’s life were severely altered in a moment, yet mom Crystal Dawson claims she has no qualms about how she dealt with the day her house caught fire, despite the fact that it momentarily incapacitated her.

There is nothing she would alter. Her daughter is safe, and that is all she was concerned about.

Crystal went to make a bottle for her 6-month-old baby early Friday morning. That’s when she recognized there was something drastically wrong.

She couldn’t even get three steps into her living room before she was struck in the face with flames, claimed the 30-year-old mom of three.

Crystal, her husband BJ, and their child were able to flee their home in Lynchburg, Virginia, but BJ’s oldest son, 9, and daughter, 11, were stuck upstairs.

The siblings were able to escape via a window in the front of the home and onto a tiny roof. Crystal’s stepson leaped from the roof, however she caught him.

Brianna, her stepdaughter, was hesitant despite the fact that the roof was on the verge of collapse. She finally leaped, and Crystal grabbed her as well.

Crystal heard a pop as they both slide downward. BJ was able to safely relocate his family across the street. When paramedics came, Crystal was unable to get herself onto the stretcher.

She didn’t realize she’d broken her T5 vertebrae until she arrived at the hospital. She is momentarily paralyzed, yet doctors anticipate she will regain her ability to walk.

She is presently awaiting surgery, based on a recent report.

Despite her life-altering injuries and feeling “totally shattered,” Crystal said she wouldn’t change a thing about her response that morning.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the family, since everything in their home was destroyed. While Crystal is in the hospital, Brianna and her brother are living with their biological mother. BJ and his infant are currently living with other relatives.

God bless this family as they traverse this extremely tough moment in their lives.

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