Mother Tells A Secret Regarding Her Children That Will Keep You Thinking.

Story by Holly Dignen

Let me let you in on a secret… I WILL miss these days.

I won’t miss the hard. I won’t miss feeling like my head will burst from the Anxiety. I won’t miss feeling like I can never catch up on anything. I won’t miss the tantrums, screaming, and the “You’re mean, mommy.” I won’t miss being exhausted almost daily for caring for two littles constantly before myself.

But… I will miss the morning snuggles that fill my soul and kisses that fill my heart.

I will miss the belly laughs over the silliest things like blowing raspberries on their full cheeks.

I will miss the way my kisses, hugs, words, and presence can make their boo boos and sadness dissipate before my eyes.

I will miss their yearning for learning of the alphabet, colors, shapes, words, nature, animals, insects, and more.

I will miss their sweet little voices as they mispronounce words that sound much more adorable the way they say them.

I will miss the movie nights, play dates, and overall togetherness. Because, I know it won’t always be like this as they get older.

I will miss the silly sayings, the goofy faces, and the obsession with fart noises.

I will miss making their day by planning a trip to the Zoo or a museum.

I will miss the random dance parties that partake on our kitchen floor while making meals.

I will miss being needed to help with things, simply because they want more time with me.

I will miss being their EVERYTHING, even though it overwhelms me at times. I will miss so much more than I won’t.

So, yes, “I WILL miss this.” I just won’t miss the hard. I WILL miss the EVERYTHING else.

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