Mother Who’s A True Inspiration For Everyone.

Parents with disabilities can have it rough, but because they love their children so much, they do whatever it takes. Here are 10 stories where those children show appreciation.

1. Rose Siggins is a mechanic and rides a skateboard. And even beyond those things, she’s a pretty unconventional gal. Rose was born with a spinal condition that required the lower half of her body be removed when she was 2. Now, in her early 40s, she all of 2 feet, 6 inches tall.

Some years back while working in a garage, she met Dave Siggins, and they fell in love. They have two kids now and both of them think their mom is really cool, cause for kids, it doesn’t get much cooler than to have a mom that skateboards.

Rose often gives talks to the students at her children’s school so they can understand her condition, and so they’ll be much less inclined to tease her own children about it.

2. In Hawaii, Pauline Aughe was born without arms and legs. And over time, she has turned down prosthetic limbs so she can be her natural self.

In 2002, she married Ted, and a few years later, gave birth to her son, Aaron. Now, the 37-year-old mother spends much of her time making YouTube videos to show how she can eat, put on make-up and drive.

But she’s also a fundraiser and motivational speaker who homeschools Aaron, who is tremendously proud of his mother.

3. Trish suffers from a rare condition that doesn’t allow her to use her arms or legs. But she believes there’s always a way to do absolutely everything.

Trish has two young children and a newborn, and can even change diapers with her teeth. Now THAT’s a mother’s love. Her children adore her.

4. In Valparaiso, Indiana, Rachel Foreman has to rely on a wheelchair to get her around. She was born with cerebral palsy, and even though she admits to having tough days, she does not let it keep her down and she works hard to try to break the stereotypes that people have of those with her condition.

But two of her biggest joys in life are her children – a 2 year old girl and Mason, her 5 year old boy. Mason seems to be his happiest when he can help his mom do things, like getting things out of the cupboard for her. And he loves riding on the back of her electric wheelchair after getting off the school bus.

5. Emily grew up with a disabled mother. And it taught her a lot of life lessons, such as interdependence, forget what others might think, that disability rights benefits are good, and that just being alive… is cool.

In other words, it made her a much better person.

6. Linda Bannon is 38 and she was born with no arms. But she refused to let that stop her from living a good, full life. Then, she got pregnant, and her son, Timmy, was also born with no arms.

It’s an unusual, rare circumstance, but Linda and Timmy work hand-in-hand… with their feet… to accomplish everything they set their minds to.

And Timmy, now 12, can even play video games, swim and perform Taekwondo. He and his mom have a bond like few others.

7. Somewhere in Philadelphia, single mom Bonnie Brown raised a beautiful young girl who is probably attending Cambridge University in England by now.

And that young girl, Myra, who excelled so well in school, was so very protective of her mother while she was growing up…comforting her when those curious gawkers and nosy stares came her way.

Bonnie is mentally-handicapped, but you could not ask for more love from a daughter than what Myra gives to her. Her mom is her hero.

8. Valeria Rodriguez Fontenla is a single mother in Argentina. She was born with a debilitating disease that requires her to use a wheelchair. And now she’s raising a young daughter, Loulou.

Valeria does everything she can for her. And that love and care is very much reciprocated, as little Loulou often helps her mother, such as washing her hair when she’s taking a bath.

My disability won't stop me from being a mom

There's no love like a mother's love. Valeria Rodriguez Fontenla, a single mother in Argentina with a debilitating disease, overcomes incredible odds for her daughter. Read her story: Filmed by Simona Bua for AJE

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, 14 February 2016

9. I know we’ve been talking about moms in this list. But I wanna switch gears here and talk about a very special man. His name is Alexandre Jose da Silva and he’s 79. He’s a farmer who has not been able to use his legs since he was 15 and was diagnosed with severe spinal problems.

Earlier this year, he was very proud to use his hands to propel himself beside his 30-year-old daughter, Rosany, as she walked up to an area to receive her law degree from a university in Brazil.

The attending crowd applauded, and it was a great and emotional moment for everyone. By the way, his daughter was not expecting him to show up, but she, too, was very proud when he did.

10. Alejandro is another very special man. He is disabled and in a wheelchair, but he wants to make sure his young son knows how important he is to him, so everyday he takes him to school in his wheelchair.

So his son posted: Thank you, Dad! Every day, brings me to school. Rain or shine, I am always with you. You’re best. I know you’re having trouble but you don’t complain. Loving you.

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