Mother Worries For The Age Gap Between Her 2 Siblings.

Story by Mom Seeking Coffee

I remember being worried that a 5 year age gap was too big… our first two children were only 20 months apart. For a minute there we had “two under two”…. they were in diapers together, they were so close in age they had many of the same interests at the same time… so years later when our third came along, I wondered what a 3 and 5 year age difference between our kids would look like.

“What if they don’t have anything in common?”

“What if they can’t relate?”

“Will our youngest miss out on having a close sibling bond because he’s so much younger than his sisters?”

In hindsight, my worries were for nothing. The girls adore their baby brother and that five year age gap? Turned out to be the most beautiful thing… my oldest and youngest have such a strong bond and the sweetest relationship. Since she is older, stronger, more capable, more self sufficient… she is able to help him in so many ways. She still has a big imagination and comes up with all sorts of games that baby brother is eager to play.

Seeing them together now… how silly I was to worry that they might not have a bond. ♥️

Photo I snapped the other day when I walked by the bathroom and saw her helping him wash his hands. 🥰

To the mamas who feel like they are running out of time, or that the age gap is becoming too great, it’s never too late – there is a special bond reserved for older children and their baby siblings. 😌

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