Mother Writes About Parenting On FB And It Went Viral.

Any parent can probably tell you that raising children is a wonderful thing; and in the same breath, they can also tell you it’s one of life’s most frustrating things.

A West Virginia mom was having an incredibly tough day with her children, and posted about it, along with a picture of her tear-swollen eyes.

She wrote: “This is motherhood, No fancy filters, no good lighting, no new lipstick. It’s messy hair that’s wet from the rain, yesterday’s makeup that I was too tired to wash off, and tears. Motherhood is HARD. Single-motherhood is HARD. These tears started as the cashier of Giant Eagle handed me my receipt and continued for the entire drive home.”

The frustrated mom here is Aly Brothers. Her two young children were driving her nuts at the grocery store, throwing tantrums and crying non-stop. They were knocking things off the shelves and running in and out of the store’s freezer area. Customers were staring at Aly because of her kids’ behavior, and they were most definitely judging her.

But Aly kept her cool until she and her children reached the cash register and another silly fight started between them over a balloon. And then she lost it. The kids were bad enough, but the glare from all those strangers tore into her.

But Aly also posted a reassurance to other struggling parents. She said: I know these days will pass, the tears will stop, the fighting will cease, and my babies will be grown. And that will be hard too.

So if you see a parent struggling, if you see a kid throwing a tantrum, if you see a mom on the verge of tears… please say something nice. Please don’t glare with judgment. And to all moms out there having a day like mine… I see you, I know you, I love you. You are strong, and you are doing just fine.

Aly’s post went viral, receiving more than 30,000 likes and more than 15,000 shares.

This is motherhood. No fancy filters, no good lighting, no new lipstick. It's messy hair that's wet from the rain,…

Posted by Aly Hall on Sunday, 21 August 2016
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