Mother’s Explanation Regarding Easter Will Completely Change Your Mind.

Story by Erin Holmes

We are about to learn, for the first time as a generation, that Easter is not about..

A new dress

A fancy hat

Coordinating outfits

Big hair

Floral prints


Decorative crosses

A well worded sermon

A hyped up music program




New toys

Baskets of candy


Family portraits

Inspiring dramas

Packed churches

Breaking records

Guest retention

Fancy lights

Children’s programs

Family dinner

We are about to learn that Easter… or Resurrection Sunday… is about…

An empty tomb

Life over death

Fulfilled promises

Answered prayers

Victory over death

Triumph over hell

Crushing the grip of the grave

Hope for tomorrow

None of which require a single, solitary thing from the first list.

This year, Easter will be quiet, intimate communion with Jesus… and that’s ok.

May it change the way we look at Easter.

May it change the way we worship.

May it change the way we live our lives forever.

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