Mum, 33, smiles at disabled daughter before ‘giving her fatal dose of ketamine’

In the last snapshot taken of the pair, a 33-year-old mother in Greece was seen smiling at her crippled daughter before ‘offering her a deadly dosage of Ketamine.’ Roula Pispirigou was accused with the murder of her nine-year-old daughter Georgina after a trial of her muscle tissue indicated the presence of an anaesthetic substance that had not been prescribed by doctors.

Georgina, who experienced seizures in April 2021 that left her tetraplegic, died in January following an eight-month stay in the hospital, and nurses subsequently verified that Pispirigou was alone with her little girl in the minutes immediately up to her death.

Pispirigou showed up in court in Athens last week for her arraignment, accompanied by riot police and wearing handcuffs and a protective vest in front of a swarm of bystanders and media.

She was accused with the murder of her child and is being held in Athens’ high-security Korydallos prison until her trial date, which has yet to be set. She has categorically denied any misconduct.

Similarly, tissue test from Pispirigou’s two other kids are being re-examined as part of an investigation into their deaths: Malena, three years old, died of liver failure in 2019 and Iris, six months old, died of a possible heart abnormality in 2021. Grigoris Leon, Forensic Pathologist and President of the Forensic Union of Greece, informed that the exhumation of her other kids indicated ‘criminal activities were the reason for death.’ He added there is simply no question that is a criminal conduct. When the kids died, we got two early reports that showed the pathological cause of death. The first reveals a liver deficit, while the second reveals a cardiac deformity in the aorta as well as pulmonary embolism. As one might imagine, pathological causes do not correspond with evidence pointing to criminal crimes, which is why his associates are conducting reevaluations. Basically, the previous reasons for death should be overturned and this is the only way we can be guided to the truth and get justice. They definitely can’t continue the dialogue until the cause of death is officially changed on the report. 

The court examining the case ordered the retrieval of a computer tablet that was buried with Georgina on Saturday morning since it might give more proof. The tablet was cremated with the youngster because Pispirigou said it was “her favourite object,” however it was found when Georgina’s father, Manos Daskalakis, informed magistrates he supported his estranged wife’s argument.

Pispirigou’s mother told that she did not believe her daughter was capable of murdering the 3 kids. She detailed a deep mother-daughter bond and that Pispirigou was devastated by Georgina’s sickness and demise.

According to local media, the court records state that Georgina died from a deadly amount of ketamine less than 20 minutes after it was administered. As per records, medical personnel last saw the nine-year-old around an hour prior she died.

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