Muslim Teacher Raped Florida Girl So Badly Her Genitals Needed Surgical Repair

Tariq Ahmad (also called Ahmed) is the former head teacher at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Florida, an Islamic masjid for kindergarten through 12th grade pupils with roughly 335 kids enrolled. After being charged of sexually assaulting and raping two of his middle school students, Ahmad was fired. The accused rapist worked for the Broward County Public School District prior to his stint at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, which shocked the community even more.

According to the complaint, the 35-year-old man was charged with five first-degree offenses after leaving one of the girls so harmed that she required significant surgical repair for harm caused to her genital organs by her former instructor. However, before being caught on the accusations related from the alleged sexual assault, Ahmad vanished, putting authorities on the lookout for the former instructor.

Based on the lawsuit, the girls were 14 and 15 years old when Ahmad reportedly compelled them into sexual relationships. According to their lawyers, Ahmad would arrange meetings with the girls using text messages, social media, and even code on the chalkboards in the classroom.

One of the anonymous victims was a pupil and was assaulted by Ahmed on school grounds, during school hours, with the actual attack taking place in the school’s mosque. They also say Academy authorities were aware of Ahmad’s unlawful activity for years and did nothing until now.

Tariq Ahmad fled from police after charges that he assaulted two middle school girls surfaced. A third victim came forward after the civil action was filed by the two girls who say Ahmad sexually assaulted them. Obviously, the school refused to say anything about the episodes, yet they did finally remove the absent teacher’s job.

Recently, they became aware of unsettling claims against a former Nur-ul-Islam Academy instructor, the school said when the charges surfaced. When the Academy learned of these claims, it promptly terminated the teacher’s employment, prevented him from future interaction with Academy pupils, and has now ended his work opportunities with the Academy.

With Ahmad gone, lawyers for the alleged victims have come forth to speak on their behalf. There was severe sexual abuse, intercourse, and other inappropriate activity, said attorney Scott Mager. One of the students had to undergo extensive surgical repair of that private region. It’s terrifying.

The victims’ lawyers also say that Academy authorities were aware of Ahmad’s illegal behavior for years yet did nothing to prevent it, rather blaming the kid for creating it. What exactly do they do? Nothing, except accusing the child of doing it. What they do is blame, cover up, and don’t notify the parents, Mager claimed.

Surprisingly, some parents of students at the school appear unconcerned, despite the fact that the institution deliberately housed a suspected child rapist, according to a complaint filed by the victims.

According to the suit, the school and its president, Kem Hussain, should be held liable for knowingly sheltering and keeping a sexual predator as their head of high school and instructor, a man who sexually molested several youngsters at the academy.

Despite the fact that the school or others in the community were aware of the crimes when they happened, someone knew where Ahmad went when the allegations first surfaced and he apparently disappeared, escaping the jurisdiction the instant he learned of the pending charges against him and going on the lamb rather than defending his alleged innocence — behavior that is suspect in and of itself.

One might suppose that lots of proof was obtained during the tiny girl’s surgical repair of her genitals following her brutal rape to assist identify her perpetrator. There is no need for Tariq Ahmad to remain hidden if he is innocent. If he is guilty, it is understandable that he would flee rather than confront the repercussions of his actions.

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