“My 19 Yrs Old Son Unknowingly Saved Me From Ending My Life Last Night.”

We all go through ups and downs in life but for some the lows are felt a bit harder than others which can lead to depression. But remember there is always a reason to stay alive. You are loved and worthy. You are not alone. Just speak out your heart’s feelings to the person you love the most. Do not quit. Life is beautiful. (Thanks Mateo for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

I was about to do it. And it would’ve been the biggest mistake. My wife died a few months ago. Thinking that this was going to be my first holiday without her..

Well I got drunk. Really really drunk. And all I’m thinking about is I want to go with her. I couldn’t stop crying. And I was gonna do it. My son called me. He just finished decorating his apartment and he wanted to say hi. It made me smile. He had no idea what I was in the middle of and just casually talking to me about having to sweep up the floor after he dropped and broke a glass ornament.

I was so desperate not to get off the phone with him. Asked him to tell me about his day. Meanwhile I’m there trying not to let him hear me cry. We talked for over an hour. Then he invited me to come spend Christmas Eve with him. When I got off the phone I f**king lost it. I couldn’t do it anymore.

Right now that I’m more sober (and hungover) it hit me how big of a mistake I almost committed. I was about to leave my son without another parent. He just lost his mom and I was about to take away his dad too. He’s 19 and out building his own life. But still I couldn’t believe I was about to leave him alone in this world. He saved my life.

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