‘My autistic son goes hungry twice a week so we can afford to pay our bills’

A mother claims that her son goes hungry twice a week so that they can pay their debts.

Clyde, who has autism, eats nothing two days out of seven, while Rita eats only cold meat and cheese to save money on power.

To save money, the family has also taken out all lightbulbs from their home, instead putting £1 solar-powered garden lights on their roof during the day to light their home at night.

And Rita gets up at 5 a.m. to wash laundry to take advantage of inexpensive off-peak electricity.

The 58-year-old, whose monthly energy expenses have risen from £78 to £249, expressed that there’s no happiness anymore. Nothing  to look forward to. She wakes up weeping, her heart is thumping, and she wonders, ‘What’s the point?’

Rita, from Medway, Kent, makes hot meals only once a week in a slow cooker, generally lentils with curry, which she describes as filling them up for sometime.

But, for the most part, the mother of two and her kid eat cold chunks of chicken with a touch of cheese. Rita explained the only time they get warm chicken is when her mother brings it here.

Now that her son doesn’t eat two days a week, they can save some money.

Clyde, according to Rita, first reduced his portion sizes to ensure they had enough food to last the whole week.

However, as their rent increased by £400 and their expenditures skyrocketed, the 23-year-old opted to fast for 48 hours every week. Rita stated it was all his decision.

Other methods they try to save money include performing chores before 5 a.m. to take advantage of their Economy 7 meter, charging solar-powered lights in the garden throughout the day to light the house in the evening, and enlisting the aid of friends with grocery shopping.

Rita, who receives several benefits but has just £500 per month to cover her expenses, has also sold all of her jewelry, while Clyde has auctioned his LEGO and Power Rangers collection to remain afloat.

She has earlier noted that she only brews one cup of tea each day and has not turned on her heater since Christmas due to the cost of living problem.

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