My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has started filming in Greece

Nia Vardalos reconnected with her on-screen spouse John Corbett in Greece as production for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 started. On Wednesday, the powerful combination was seen filming sequences for the film near Rafina, roughly 30 kilometres outside of Athens.

Nia, 59, has her hands full this time around, since she is not only the star but also the director of the film. Despite the numerous demands of her new part, the actress made it all appear simple as she immersed herself in character.

Nia was dressed in a button-down denim dress with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, while John was dressed in a grey shirt and pants. The on-screen duo grinned as they moved among numerous lounge chairs and umbrellas along the beach. An umbrella-wielding aide followed Nia, while another pursued the two with a microphone in hand.

Gia Carides, who portrays Toula’s cousin Nikki, and Louis Mandylor, who portrays Toula’s brother Nick Portokalos, are two more famous faces.

The appearance happened only one day after Vardalos, who scripted and acted in the first two films, revealed that production on My Big Fat Greek Wedding had started.

She also excitedly disclosed that she will be directing the next chapter.

She explained that she has an announcement to make. They’re in Greece filming My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, and thank you so much for the beautiful notes about simply waiting and everything. She continued that they’re filming in Athens’ gorgeous Plaka.

Vardalos then introduced her new position by explaining the Greek term for director to the audience. She remarked that what it implies is the director. And can you guess who the director is? It’s her. 

She thanked Playtone, Gold Circle, HBO, and Focus in the video. She also thanked all for their patience while they waited to film.

When My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released in 2002, it quickly became one of the most popular independent films of all time.

From a $5 million budget, the comedy about Toula and Ian’s wedding and the convergence of two wacky families made $241.4 million domestically and $368.7 million globally.

The cast reunited in 2016 for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which earned $59.6 million domestically and $90.6 million internationally.

Vardalos acknowledged last year that a third feature was in the works, but filming was halted owing to a lack of insurance.

Last year, the group also experienced a tragedy with the passing of actor Michael Constantine, who portrayed patriarch Gus Portokalos.

Vardalos admitted Constantine requested that the third film be made without him, and she prepared the plot with his preferences in mind.

She said on Instagram that he had informed her that he wouldn’t be able to join them for the third picture and that his request was that they continue. She developed the script to represent Michael’s choice and will always cherish his last texts to her, hoping they might start filming soon.

The premise of this next edition is unknown, but Varadalos promised fans that Ian and Toula in this sequel “are not grandparents!”

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