My date refuses to pay for my food — because I won’t have sex with him

So much for the “love — and ‘Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood’ — is free” fallacy.

For a TikToker identified as @Alaska.Gurl, a romantic visit to Applebee’s Grill + Bar ended up in flames.

Gurl, who revealed her would-be-Romeo for failing to pay for her supper after she refused to sleep with him.

The duo in the now-viral video, which has received over 2.9 million views from eager internet eyes, isn’t on a first date. The couple appeared to be in a long-term relationship.

Alaska is covered in separate posts. Gurl’s profile suggests that she and her date are troubled lovers, prompting several users to speculate that the dinner scene was fabricated to provoke social media chaos. It succeeded in either case.

The savvy duo ignited quite the dating debate: social media is now divided on whether the guy’s unwillingness to foot the tab until compensated in bed was in bad taste or merely a strategy to save his cheddar.

“Are you serious about making me pay?” Alaska. According to the film of their eating mishap, Gurl is heard asking her date, an unknown and unshaven guy wearing a wrinkled Looney Tunes T-shirt.

An Applebee’s server gives Alaska in the cringeworthy video. Gurl and her date two different checks and writes that he was requested to split the bill based on the meal items bought by each of them.

When Alaska.Gurl asked her date about his last-minute choice to go Dutch, and he questioned if she was prepared to have sex once they left the restaurant if he picked up the tab.

She said emphatically, “No,” prompting the less-than-chivalrous guy to bring up her meal bill, totaling $42.74.

“F – – k you,” Alaska.Gurl yelled. The guy said angrily ‘that is your issue. You do not wish to.’

To add insult to injury, he asked how she planned on going home? implying that he would not be accompanying Alaska.Gurl to her apartment and stranded as a consequence for refusing his sexual advances.

Gurl zoomed in on the man’s face and warned his prospective inamoratas: You guys, he’s making her pay for her dinner since he won’t have sex with him. That’s a terrible shame.

She went on to say, ‘look at this chap. Never go out with him. Do not give him your phone number. Just f – king flee!’

In answer, the man with the clenched fists leaned in towards the camera and remarked, “[You] hoes are hungry.”

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A handful of amateur cyber-etiquette critics, though, concurred with the not-so-gallant guy’s firm no sex, no treat stance.

“King! Men are not required to pay for your lunch!! You ate it, and now you have to pay for it!! Unless he volunteered to pay for it first!” one of the man’s digital supporters claimed.

“Who does she think she is, expecting a stranger to pay for her dinner and then demanding that he drive her home?” questioned another, interspersed with a sequence of laughing emojis “He’s not right, but she’s not much better.”

Others, on the other hand, humiliated the unremarkable gentleman for his impolite behaviour.

“I’m sorry, [but] as a male, you pay when you ask a woman out. You approached her and asked her out on a date. “It seems logical that you pay,” one spectator remarked.

“If you can’t afford to pay for a lady’s lunch, you can’t afford to ask a woman out.”

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