“My Husband Blew Up At Me”: Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong To Have Called The Police On Her Stepson, Who Stole Her Daughter’s Car.

No is one of the English language’s shortest words. But it’s also one of the most difficult for people to grasp. It’s also one of the most dangerous words, as ignoring it can have disastrous effects. It’s like spending the night in a prison cell. In this story a stepson refused to accept a NO for an answer. Read the whole story to know what happened and what would you do in such a situation.

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I got my daughter (17) a new car 2 months ago. Her stepbrother (19) has gone crazy about it ever since and has been attempting to drive it but my daughter made it clear she doesn’t want him to. He’d refer to it as “our car” and would get mad when my daughter decorates it with pink and adds teddy bears and necklaces as decoration. He’d get angry and say that she was “ruining their car” and “embarrassing in front of his friends” although she never let him get inside of it. I asked my husband to talk to his son but he said that my daughter and I need to “chill”.

Fast Forward to this past friday. My daughter called me at work saying her stepbrother took her car while she was upstairs after he demanded the keys and she refused. I called his phone but he didn’t respond. I called my husband and told him what happened, I told him that he needed to go bring the car back or I’d have to call the police. He called his son then called me back saying his son was just taking it to go to the movies with his friends and will bring it back at 9pm. I couldn’t wait. I wanted him one more time to bring it back but he stalled. I called the police and reported it stolen. My stepson was picked up from his location and brought in to the local police station. We got the car back but it was a mess, the decorations and toys in it were gone. My daughter didn’t stop crying about it.

My husband blew up at me on the phone for calling the police on his son and causing him to spend the night there. They both came home the next day and a huge argument ensued with my husband saying I made a mistake reporting the car missing and said that I escalated this situation and that I was the one who created it and should’ve got his son a similar car or at least told my daughter to share; otherwise we wouldn’t be dealing with his son’s temper tantrums.

The house has been full of tension since then and everyone is just mad at each other. I didn’t want police involvement but seeing my daughter cry I just couldn’t take it. Did I go too far here? What should I do?

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