“My Little Brother Called Me Dad Tonight. I Don’t Know If I Should Be Happy Or Sad.”

Source: Reddit

Me and my brothers lost our dad six months before baby was born, and our mom passed away due to child birth complications. We live with our grandparents, but they sort of ignore us.

I raise all of them. The older two don’t need much, but my little dude has started asking. Our cousin’s are living with us for quarantine, and he’s confused. He started a playgroup a few months before lockdown, and he wants to know where his mom and dad are.

He’s been in my bed for the past few nights due to a health scare (or attempted drowning in my words). He’s been very clingy and I’ve been off work with him.

He’s asleep on my chest right now. When I was rocking him, he said “Love you daddy.” He was half asleep, and I don’t know if he knew what he was saying but it made me cry. This kid has lost so much and he’s so little.

My brother’s heard, and they asked if I will let him call me dad. I don’t know honestly. I don’t want to replace our dad, and I’m worried I’ll never live up to how amazing he was. I want to try and give him a chance at a semi normal life, but I don’t want to confuse him growing up.

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