My Sister Just Told Me “Anywhere I Have A Bed You Have One Too”.

Source: Reddit

My older sister is my best friend. We grew up sharing everything as we are only 18 months apart. We shared a room our whole childhood, but not because we wanted to. As adults we are closer than ever before and frequently have sleep overs and girls nights (she has a daughter).

We aren’t close to the rest of our family and have gone completely no contact with our parents (narcissistic mother and enabler father). I am married but our relationship has become rocky because I realized I do not want kids, while that’s all he’s ever wanted. I joked with my sister to let off some steam and said that I’d be single and homeless this time next year if things continued to be rocky, and she immediately replied “anywhere I have a bed you have one too”.

It was such a sweet comment and it made me feel so loved and cared about! I know that no matter what happens at least I have my sister. It’s a good feeling.

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