“My son admitted that he forced himself on someone at a party and my wife is covering for him.”

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It’s a messed up situation. This took place 2 weeks ago. My son was attending a friend’s birthday party and came home drunk and only admitted to my wife that he forced himself on a girl at the party. My wife told me the next day and I didn’t know how to feel about it but she kept defending him and we had a huge fight about it.

She kept covering for him, basically just giving excuses like him being drunk and then expressing guilt and regret. I’ve been later told that the girl he forced himself on is the same girl he’s been trying to get with multiple times but got rejected. I didn’t react well, a couple of his friends who were and also tried to cover for him got officially banned from my home. My wife has been fighting with me about it as well and kept calling me names just for refusing to support her.

The house has been like hell ever since. I don’t talk to her or my son and there’s so much stonewalling when I try to speak to them and I’m sick of it. I don’t know how things will play out going forward or how my son is going to fix this but I’m just so mad I can’t even sit at the same table with him and also my wife for that matter. What are your opinions? Am I overreacting? 

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