My Stepdaughter (24) Just Made A Pass At Me (45) And I Have No Idea What To Do Now.

Having a wonderful step father is a true blessing. A father is always there to love, care and protect their child no matter if it’s blood or not blood related. Here in the story this man is a good husband and a good step father to their kids but an incident occurred where the step father is totally confused about what he should do. Read the story and please help him out. 

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Let me start with the backstory. I met my wife 14 years ago while she was going through a messy divorce. 6 months after that her divorce was final and I met her son (now27) and daughter. I have no kids of my own, and never thought I liked kids in general, but her kids became the exception and I do not think I could care more about them if they were my own.

They have different fathers, and both of them were physically and emotionally abusive to the children and my wife. None of us have had any contact with either of their fathers for almost 10 years.

My SS is married to a great girl with 2 kids of their own and I am incredibly proud of him, and we talk often. My SD, I’m very proud of her as well, but she has had a few more problems arise, she is still my favorite girl, and I would move heaven and hell for her. But she tends to choose men more like her father (cowardly, weak man-child). I was always there for her, and we could talk about anything, and other than her choice in men, our personalities were very similar.

So 4 months ago, after breaking up with the latest A**hat, she moved back in with us, a month after that we found out she was pregnant. She is now 5 months pregnant. I work from home and my wife does not, this means my SD spends a lot of time with me and I also drive her to dr appointments and maternity clothes shopping.

Which is what we were doing today. I drove her to buybuybaby, we did some baby and new mother shopping, on the way home she talked to me about the crappy texts A**hat had sent her over the weekend saying how she would be a horrible mother, and how his baby would be better off if she did herself in etc etc (and yes, I’ve decided he and I need to have a conversation, much like the conversation I had with my SD’s father 10 years ago).

When we got home, we sat in the driveway as I comforted her, gave her lots of positive affirmation, and told her how useless a**hat was. Next thing I know she tells me that she wishes the baby was mine and hers and she kisses me on the lips. WTF!!! I pulled away and mumbled something about not ruining a good thing, How I love her mom. I made a bad joke about being with a pretty woman in her 20’s would probably kill me.

For the next 2 hours I was basically on autopilot, put stuff away, made dinner for the 3 of us after my wife got home. I have been in my den for the last 4 hours claiming I was working, but I have no friggin clue what to do. What should I tell my wife? what should I say to my SD? Should I say anything to either of them? should I just finish off this bottle of captain Morgan and pass out?

Look this isn’t something I can go to a friend or relative about, so I’m coming here. I need some thoughts here people. 

Here are a few suggestion:

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