“My Wife Is Denying We’re Married And Wants To Be Called My Girlfriend… I’m Confused.”

Marriage isn’t easy. There are happy moments and also sad ones. But one can sail the marriage smoothly by loving, respecting and communicating freely with their spouse. In this story a husband is confused with his wife’s sudden behavioural change. Read the story and help him out.

Source: Reddit

My wife (33f) and I (29m) have been married four years now, coming on five. We have generally had a good relationship and a good marriage. We had a reasonably expensive wedding, which we’re still paying for now. I get the bill every month to prove it. My wife took charge of planning the wedding, so it was to her tastes. She seemed to enjoy it at the time and for the first few years of our marriage, she would look back at the wedding with me happily and without issues.

In recent months I’ve noticed my wife’s attitude to a) our wedding and b) our marriage itself shift. It began by her (I thought jokingly) referring to herself as my ‘girlfriend’. She told me to buy her a ‘girlfriend’ card for Valentine’s Day rather than a ‘wife’ one, for example.

I thought she was just playing around at first. But this behaviour has only escalated. Two months ago my wife stopped wearing her wedding ring. I was understandably upset and asked her if there was something wrong. She told me everything was fine and she just ‘doesn’t like the sensation of jewellery on her hands’. My wife has never liked rings and jewellery so this could be the case.

But when we are with friends, my wife will get upset if I talk about her as ‘my wife’ rather than just a girlfriend. She will go as far to interrupt me if I’m talking/telling a story to ‘correct’ me on our relationship. Initially, this was something our friends laughed at, but now everybody just finds it understandably awkward.

One of our friends was talking about their own wedding, which is scheduled for early next year. They asked for advice from my wife about how she’d planned ours and my wife responded with ‘what wedding?’. When our friend continued talking about the table decorations my wife had used, my wife visibly teared up in front of the whole group and had to step outside.

Later that evening, I asked her directly if she has a problem with our relationship or if I’m doing something wrong in our marriage. She assured me that everything is fine between us. From my perspective, outside of this issue, our relationship is as strong as ever. We are considering kids in the near future, our sex life is great, and my wife recently suggested we get matching tattoos as a renewal of our love.

Is there advice anyone can offer on why my wife might be acting like this and what I should do?

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