Nanny Ends Up In Coma After Taking A Hit From An Oncoming Car To Save The Baby.

Having a nanny is like having an extra parent someone who will be there to protect and watch over you and some are simply amazing. Here are 10 stories of nannies who belong in their own hall of fame.

1. In New York, 62-year-old nanny Loretta Penn was pushing an infant’s stroller in Rockville Centre when she seen an SUV coming right at them. She quickly pushed the stroller out of harm’s way and was struck by the SUV.

She saved the infant in her care and was pinned under the car. Then it was her turn to be rescued. Officers and bystanders quickly got together and lifted the vehicle off of the woman. She was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries.

2. When their home in Louisville, Kentucky went up in flames 22-year-old Alyson Myatt did a very brave thing… she walked through the burning house in her bare feet to rescue 5-year-old Aden Hawes.

Aden was trapped in his room with flames roaring outside of it in the hallway. Alyson ran barefoot over the burning carpet to get to him, pull him out, and rush him outside to safety.

Fire officials said there is no question that if Alyson had not acted when she did, Aden would surely have died.

3. In Genesee, Colorado, Sharon Molloy watched in horror as two dogs attacked 3-year-old Jack Melichar in his back yard. So she ran to him and put her body around him, protecting him from additional bites and scratches.

When the dogs finally went away, the two were taken to the hospital and the attack was compared to that of a shark attack. The boy received 36 stitches. His nanny underwent surgery to repair serious injuries.

4. While swimming in a neighbor’s pool in San Diego, a 1-year-old boy nearly drowned before his nanny quickly grabbed him and began CPR. The nanny had just turned her back to help the boy’s 4-year-old sister jump from a slide when the boy tried to get out of a floating device and went under water.

When the nanny spotted him, he was blue and not breathing. She did CPR and he was responsive by the time medics arrived. She is credited with saving the boy’s life.

5. In San Bernardino, California, a nanny fought off a man who was trying to snatch a baby from her stroller. Carmen Perez battled the man and received scratches and bruises in the process. But, more importantly, she save little 4-month-old Chloe from being kidnapped by the creep.

He even knocked Carmen to the ground, but she held onto the stroller tight. He finally gave up and ran behind a bunch of buildings. But a nearby security guard caught up to him and put him in handcuffs until police arrived. Baby Chloe was not hurt in the incident.

6. Boots the dog survived Hurricane Katrina and was taken to the Arizona Humane Society. Since that time, he has shown his appreciation by pretty much becoming the nanny for stray cats.

Boots, a Chow-Shepherd mix, plays with the cats and protects them. He also helps to increase their chances at adoption by posing for really nice photos that show cats and dogs can, indeed, live in the same world.

7. When a stolen Jeep was coming right at them in Greenwich Village, New York, nanny Cindy Gaston could think of only one thing – get the 4-year-old in her care to safety. So she quickly pulled the boy around behind her as the Jeep crashed into the street corner where they were standing.

25-year-old Cindy hurt her leg in the incident and suffered bruises. She took no credit herself for saving the boy, but thanked God instead.

8. Jan Finnegan was hired in January of 2013 as the nanny for the adopted daughters of Dwight and Janet Solander of Las Vegas. She quickly reported to the Department of Family Services that the children – between the ages of 9 and 12 — were being horribly treated by their adoptive parents, who would beat them with paint sticks, prevented them from using the bathroom, and made them wear their soiled underwear on top of their heads or stuffed them into their mouths.

The department took a ridiculously long time to act, but when they did, the Solanders were hit with 23 counts of child abuse and neglect. The Solanders’ 21-year-old daughter, Danielle Hinton, also was charged in the abuse. Oddly enough, Janet Solander had written a book about foster care, which urged heavy discipline.

9. 56-year-old nanny Brunilda Tirado was pushing the stroller of 7-month-old Abigail inside a New York supermarket when all of a sudden the roof caved in… trapping both of them under a mountain of debris.

But as the building was quickly falling apart, Brunilda covered and protected Abigail from the falling bricks and wood that poured down on them.

When they were finally pulled from the horrible mess, Brunilda was covered in blood and had a broken arm. She was called a hero in saving the baby’s life.

10. 17 years ago, Angie, 54 at the time, agreed to watch a little autistic boy named John in her modest Singapore home. His parents never came back to get him. As a matter of fact, they wanted nothing to do with him. Initially, they sent Angie $500 a month to take care of him. Then $450 a month. Then $300. Then $70. After that, nothing.

They never called nor visited him when he was hospitalized after food poisoning. They really didn’t care. But Angie did… because she loved him. When she first held him in her arms so many years ago, he was nothing but skin and bones. But she nursed him back to health and later got him into a school that taught him how to care for himself to a good degree.

In 2011, Angie was one of 54 individuals nominated for the Model Caregiver Award. And she won. Along with the award came a cash award of $1,500.

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